Welcome to An Orange Kitchen

Thanks so much for coming to check out my blog!

My name is Sarah –  I’m in my late-mid 20′s (NB – not my late 20′s), and in November 2012, I packed up my life in London and moved to Boston, MA, to join my boyfriend who’s been moved here for work. I’ve taken a career break from work for a year – one of my aims is to do some of the things I’m always saying I would do if I had more time. I now have lots of time, and top of the list was to start a food blog.

I love food – I love cooking it, eating it, sharing with friends and family. I love eating out, and I love exploring new foods and recipes at home. For a while now, I’ve followed and admired several blogs, supplementing my obsession with cookbooks, and I started to wonder if I could do the same. I love to read about food – so I wondered what would happen if I add my voice, and started writing about food as well. I’m planning to share with you my journey through the year in my bright orange kitchen here in Boston (hence the name!)

I’m hoping to include a variety of recipes and food ideas – some of which are adapted from or inspired by others, and some of which are my own ‘original creations’! (as far as anything is original, these days…) I hope I will start to develop my own style, and that as I get more experienced the ratio of ‘inspired by/adapted from’ recipes to ‘original’ recipes will change – but we will see!

I would LOVE to hear from you – let me know if you like what I’m doing (or if you hate it… I hope you don’t hate it!!), if you’ve made a recipe, if you have suggestions or requests, or any questions. And thanks again for reading.

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